caves panama

A tropical paradise just outside the city limits. It’s a peaceful retreat, a home away from home, where you can relax in your cottage, hang out by the pool, or take a “siesta” in the shaded Tiki!

You will enjoy the convenience of all your needs as a visitor to Panama from the host Fabrece and his wife Sabrina.

We offer transportation from the airport to the serene and beautiful spot surrounded by lush gardens and you can enjoy your meals cooked according to your schedule.

You will also meet and have time to interact with their family of monkeys – Lula, Lili, Papaye, and the newest member, Baboo.

We welcome you to Panama, to our house, and are happy to offer you plenty of services and tours for any adventure or romance you are seeking.


Please call us at 507-6781-3540 or email us at to book your tours today!

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