In the 17th century, the pirate Henry Morgan traveled the Chagres River to attack Panama City. In the early 20th century, the Chagres River was dammed to create Gatún Lake, at the time the largest manmade lake in the world, nowadays it continues to make an unforgettable impression on locals and foreigners because of it impeccable views, exceptional fishing spots and wide variety of wildlife.

After a convenient pickup at your hotel, we will head to the town of Gamboa, located in the Soberanía National Park to get aboard our private boat where our Experienced Tour Guide will share its passion for nature and will provide you with interesting historic highlights while you enjoy a natural fresh juice. During your stroll through the Gatun Lake you will get a up-close view of the huge ships that cross the Panama Canal, the wilderness along the shorelines, many species of birds, reptiles and mammals such as coatis and sloths. 

Take a refreshing dip and get marveled at the Monkey Islands, where you will have the chance to admire the White-faced Capuchins, Geoffroy’s Tamarins and the Howler Monkeys in their natural habitat as the boat traverses the lake.

At the end of the tour we will drop you back at your hotel. Sign up to be part of our signature expedition, create some awesome memories and to experience an authentic connection with nature.


-All family members
-Couples looking for an unique scape
-Elderly and people with disabilities.


-Insurance Coverage
-5 hours Guided Tour
-Private Transportation and Boat
-10 yrs Experienced Naturalist Guide
(Spanish, English and French speaker)
-Beverages & Craft Cocktails
-4k Video Souvenir of your whole trip (Optional for free)


-From 2 to 3 people: $140
-From 4 to 8 people: $100
We offer special prices for bigger groups

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